Q: what material(s) is a joe's tush cush made out of?

A: joe's tush cush is made with marine grade vinyl. the marine grade vinyl provides superior moisture resistance and enhances hygiene since it stops fungus and bacteria. and marine grade vinyl is also resistant to stains. baby wipes are recomended :)


Q: will joe's tush cush work on any apple box?

A: the short answer is yes, the cushion will certainly provide support to your behind on any apple box. the long answer is that our pattern is loosely based off of the "Matthews" apple box and the "Filmcraft" apple box.  joe's tush cush will attach to those boxes with the provided velcro strap no prob. with that being said - some versions of the apple box where the handle holes are farther apart/spread out, attaching/alignment will not be as seemless. if you are a grip house, studio, or anything that carries a certain type of apple box, and are ordering bulk - we will be happy to work with you and your bulk order to get the cushions to your liking.


Q: can I use joe's tush cush even if I don't work in production?

A: abolutely, we love to see what joe's tush cush is possible of. we are hoping to one day become more than just a 'on-set' or 'applebox' cushion and bridge the gap into various other worlds.


Q: how does joe's tush cush work?

A: pop it in your kit/ throw it in a tote, and attach it onto an applebox/pelican case with the included velcro strap. it's as simple as that  :) the cushion was initally conceived for apple boxes, but we have encourage them to be used with pelican cases as well. velcro strap em to their handle!


Q: can I customize joe's tush cush and/or order in bulk?

A: yup! you are able to choose your colorway/mix & match different color options. we are constantly exploring new color combos, and are certainly open to custom orders. please hit up [email protected] for custom bulk orders/any questions in regards to colorways.